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Motorcycle Turntable 5,500 Pound Capacity

Posted by Ron (1 item)

Motorcycle Turntable
5,500 LB. Capacity Motorcycle Turntable
6ATTS Industrial Swivel plate Turntable Bearing
Capacity 5,500 pounds....
2” x 2" x ¼” angle iron
32” x 32” x 3/16” square steel plate
Lots of hours in labour
I fabricated this for my 2005 Heritage Softail and never fully completed the kickstand supports.
I’m just not happy with the way the swing arm idea for the kickstands worked out, but the ease with which this turntable moves with the bike on it is incredibly easy.
I do have a simple idea that would be much quicker to fabricate and better, but I no longer have a place to work on it and no where to put this thing even if it was done.
Everything else is complete.
I could load 7 of my bikes on this bearing and it would STILL perform without a problem!
Anyone handy with iron and access to a welder can finish this off and have something I always dreamed of having.
It’s 91 inches long x 10 inches wide and very strong.
It’s smooth and very quiet, but it DOES take 2 guys to load it into a truck.
Video of turntable:

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